NICE TO MEET YOU is a one-on-one participative theatre performance. It takes place from the home of one performer to the home of one audience member. The online platform zoom is used as a meeting space.

NICE TO MEET YOU explores the possibilities of online spaces, the element of the screen and its theatrical options.
The performers explore the borders of theatricality and staged encounters. Through a dramaturgy of welcoming, they create space for both imagination and theatrical fiction as well as honest and authentic encounter.

Clara: ‘When I was living in the Netherlands, and walking on the street I saw the big open windows. I was curious and I looked inside. I wondered what the people were doing. And how was the furniture? Would they have a cat? Was their house messy? Afterwards, I could imagine endless stories. ’

Ine: ‘For me a home reveals a part of who someone is. The objects you surround yourself with, how you and your objects relate. But often there is more to it than you would notice at first sight. For example, the way you arrange things: some people seem to be so organised, but they can never find what they are searching for, and others seem to be surrounded by piles of stuff randomly thrown down but they can be the ones who know exactly where what is.
Creation 2021
Devised Theater Performance